Our DNA : flexibility, reactivity, solutions, precision, reception, rigor, trust, friendship, good spirit, conviviality, For nearly 20 years, NICOCORP attempts to offer the best quality production service in France as closely as possible to the expectations of their clients.

With our main office located in Paris and in south France, we provide services including location scouting, casting, equipment rental, technical assistance, crew, travel, logistics and everything else needed for a successful production.We cover all the country with local fixers in the main cities.

We did worked on over 200 pop promos for many major labels including Sony Music, Mercury, Virgin, Barclay, EMI, Universal, Epic, Warner Music, East West and for all the major French artists. He has filmed in many countries including the USA, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Costa Rica, Irland, Island,Tanzania, Bulgaria, Rep Cheque, the UK, Republique Democratique du Congo ( RDC ), Tunisia, South Africa, Senegal, Argentina…


Nicolas was born in Le Havre, France, in the 60’s. Facing Southampton, not so far from Liverpool, meaning that he could be considered as the 6th or 7th Beatles. Easy! But he has chose images instead of music, well, recording studios may have missed a star but hopefully the film industry got a hell of a producer.

As a young producer, Nico surfed on the late 80’s huge wave of advertising and music videos era in Premiere Heure the hippest production company in town. Fiery chap, he is involved in no less than a thousand of ad films and music videos and even win the very first award for a music video in France. Then, established with a bunch of mavericks under the famous flag « C’est La Vie Productions » in Paris and London, Nico enlighted the 90’s with the most popular music videos and advertising films of the decade.

But as all great rock’n’roll bands (see above), C’est La Vie Prod spited and Nico took his life back in the early2.0 years. Now comfy sat on a 25 years of experience, Nicocorp (well, he is a producer not a copy-writer) brings the World to France. This last 10 years Nico and his production house worked for clients from all over the planet, bringing them ideal conditions of shooting, great crews, amazing natural sets and his guilty pleasure of having a glass of wine or two or three with them.

Because what’s the point shooting in France if you don’t enjoy wine at the end of the day, honestly?

I don’t write this because I know Nicolas for years, not even because of the huge amount of money, Nico offered me, but honestly speaking, we may consider him as one of the 5 top producers in France.

April 2017 Tanguy Dairaine
Tanguy Dairaine is tv producer @BETC PARIS

Nicocorp is the exclusive French partner of PSN-Production Service Network, an AICP Associate Member dedicated to local shoot support in a growing number of countries around the globe.

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Paris’s view opening movie © Mohamed Khalil